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    Beyond Violence show isn't on every Friday night anymore at Nutmeg TV which was in Plainville but is now in Farmington, CT where I Produced and hosted the show. I had an expert crew that ran the camera, sound, C/G, and lighting. This show aired every Friday night...Now I only do one-hour specials. I do run another show called: Kidz Korner that can be seen still by going to their website: 

However; I just recently did a Documentary about Domestic Violence programs and the people who started them here in CT. For instance; Interval House, Vanessa Stevens for Purple Song Project, Susan Omilian, CT-Alive and her Avenging Angel group, and Senator Richard Blumenthol and Rosemary Padin from Interval House for the, "Men Make A Difference Program. This is shown from Nutmeg TV called: "Breaking These Chains Of Silence...that can still be watched anywhere by using a computer. You just go to their website and Google my tittle of the show in. I wrote, Produced, Hosted, filmed, and edited this show.

" can leave your comments in the contact page or email me at   

We need more resources to show and tell the victims programs that are out there and where, and how you can get away from your abuser.  Most victims are kept in isolation, financially strapped, stalked, confused, and emotionally abused just to name a few.  The victims and family and friends of the victim(s), need to know where she/he can go, who to talk about their experience, where to get shelter, food, therapy, money, protection, child care, and more...but most of all they need to know: It's NOT their FAULT! Listen to what they're telling you; their concerns, what they can't say, their fears, to know you'll accept them and not criticize or tell them what they shouldn't do. Believe me...I know your asking...What does she stay? If she could run she would on her terms when she know it is safe for her, her children, and her family. Call your local shelters, safe secure unknown places, Info-line, Police. They can all help her and you who want her safe, will tell you where to go and who to talk to and it will all be kept confidential.

   All mentioned are focused on your needs to help you with a safety plan, know you're not alone, and know it's not your fault.  The abuser has decreased your self-esteem, will power, and self-image to keep you in place, slave to his/her needs, isolated, financially dependent on him/her, and depressed. 
Those on my referral page if you live in CT will do everything they can to move you beyond violence. If you don't live in this area, then call the International Hotline numbers where they will give you the correct numbers and places to call for help. However; if you and your loved ones are in danger...please call the POLICE!!!!!
   You can change your life around through support groups, education, and staying around positive people that will only reinforce all your good qualities;
 which are many I'm sure of it!
   Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at or go to the contact page.

    I hope this site will help you to find resources, vent, ask questions, to help you move on beyond the violence. Your needs are of the utmost importance.
 My concern is for the needs of the entire family unit. The abuser was once the abused and grew to be the abuser. Please call 211-Infoline if your in CT and/or the Police 911. The International Hotline number if your not in this area.

Update: December 30, 2014

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